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My Story

Timbers Pizza

Timbers Pizza is a thing now, a thing that has developed over many seasons during my previous incarnation as a professional snowboard bum. Refined over 20 years on and off (yes twenty, I’m older and wiser than I look) working in private chalets, pub kitchens and restaurants around the world.

We started out in 2015 as a pop-up pizzeria serving our food to happy people in a variety of locations. Our magpie kitchen style suited everyone and we have maintained it to this day.We pride ourselves on being able to bring the unmistakeable Timbers Pizza flavour to you. If you would like us to cater for your event, wedding, party, festival, or whatever it may be, we are very happy to discuss the details with you.

My love of pizza became more of an obsession in 2006 when during a particularly poor snow season in Australia of all places, I found myself running the pizza section of the local restaurant, home to the famous ‘Frosty Ninjas of Jacks’ darts team. Trying to perfect my dough recipe and having fun creating new daily specials like the spicy Italian sausage ‘mobster’ and spinach ‘ninja’ pizzas.

I returned to the UK with a plan to take my pizza skills to the next level. I joined a kitchen crew on the festival circuit, spending several happy, hazy summer days making hundreds of pizzas an hour for revellers at Reading & Leeds, the Big Chill (remember that one? 2011!?) and of course that one down the road in Pilton. We travelled the country keeping sports fans fed at Silverstone F1s & GPs, Wembley stadium and regularly at Cheltenham races, amongst many other events. One thing stayed consistent, everyone loved our pizzas! By keeping things simple, offering thin crispy bases and using good quality ingredients on top, the queues remained long and the customers happy.

Fast forward to 2015 in Old Town, Swindon. It was time to offer my own spin, with a respectful nod to Neapolitan traditions and adding some new flavours and ideas discovered during my travels. I found a tiny cupboard space in an old sex shop, which had been turned into a popular micropub and set about blowing the minds of traditional ale drinkers, offering them a street food experience in their local boozer. Starting as a pop up with a six nations inspired menu, including the green ‘luck of the Irish’ and four cheese ‘Stinking Frenchman’. As word started to spread and the beers became more crafty so did the pizza toppings, drinkers could now match a Berliner Weisse with ‘hoisin duck’ or a New England pale ale with a ‘Kashmiri’ curry.

The combination of great pizza and great beer will always be a winner for me and I am happy to say lots of you agree. It’s amazing to see how far my idea has come and I love seeing many of my original customers still visiting regularly and finding their favourite pizzas are still on the menu. I’m proud to have become a permanent fixture on the scene and part of the healthy independent business community. Thank you all for your continued support, hope to see you soon for a beer and a slice.

I used to say... "Prego e buon appetito", but I’m not Italian and this is not Neapolitan pizza, it's not New York, Detroit or Chicago style pizza...

Timbers is Swindon style pizza!

Cheers, and enjoy!

Ian Timbers